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Student Admissions

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Enrollment Process

Application for admission is made by filling out the application form.

Admission to the waiting list is completed when the payment of the administration fee of 100 DKR has been registered. 

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Fees for the English department


The monthly fees (12 months):

2300 kr. for the first child

2200 kr. for the second child

2100 kr. for subsequent children from the same family.

Added to this is:

An administration fee of Dkr. 100,- per child

An enrolment fee of 7.000 Dkr. per family

A deposit corresponding to 1 month´s school fee per family, payable upon entrance to the school. The deposit will be repaid on withdrawal of the last child.

For students in EC, ED & EE there is an additional fee of 800 Dkr. per child per year for Danish and French materials.

There is an additional exam fee for all IGCSE subjects* (only EE students).


Withdrawal of a child from school can only take place at the end of a school year, unless dispensation is granted by the board of governors.


Please notice that at the end of every calendar year the parents receive a form where they must sign up for the coming school year if they still want their child to continue at BIS for the following school year.

If the parents sign up for the coming school year, they should be aware that they sign up financially for an academic school year.

Dispensation for this can be granted by the Board of Governors if the parents are being relocated during a school year or in a force majeure situation.


NB! If 3 months school fees are owed the child/children will be regarded as having been withdrawn from the school.


Should you need any further information you are most welcome to contact us.

Visit to the school by appointment only!

*For private candidates, we conduct IGCSE exams for the June series and only in the subjects that we teach. These subjects include, Art & Design (0400), History (0470), Global Perspectives (0457), Mathematics (0580), Combined Science (0653), Foreign Language French (0520), First Language English (0500), and English as a Second Language (0511). We do not offer A Level exams.

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