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School Camps

All students participate in 3 compulsory school camps during their time at BIS - in the C-, D- and E-class.

In the C-and D-class we focus on cultural, social and historical issues in Denmark, and therefore the school camps take place in different exciting areas of Denmark. The school camps are partly financed by the parents.

To increase the strength of our international profile and the educational merit of our bi-annual school camp the E-class camps will be held in Berlin.

Berlin is uniquely placed in Europe – both culturally and historically –  the city will be perfect for the students of the E classes, and especially as ‘Germany between the Wars’ is part of the IGCSE History topic

The school camp to Berlin is partly financed by the parents.

The cost covers: Transport, Hotel, Breakfast local transport, entrance fees to museums etc. It does not cover pocket-money or other meals.

berlin tour.JPG
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