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Meet The Team

Adrian Estevez_edited.jpg

Adrián Estévez Cebreiro

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Adrian serves as the Global Perspectives and History teacher, English E form tutor, and staff representative at Bjørn’s International School. With extensive teaching experience in Spain, Poland, and Denmark, he is dedicated to exploring innovative teaching methodologies to foster engaging and impactful learning environments. Adrian's expertise includes close-to-practice research, focusing on language acquisition and integration for international students. Additionally, he is committed to deepening his understanding and contributing to the school's efforts in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ).

Anna Droob-Hamilton_edited.jpg

Anna Droob-Hamilton

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Anna is the secretary of the school and welcomes both parents and children with a smile. Are you in doubt of anything regarding the school, Anna is the person to help you.


Andrea Magnus

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Andrea Magnus er klasselærer I DB. Hun har arbejdet på Bjørn’s siden oktober 2021 og har 20 års erfaring med undervisning i grundskolen. Andrea underviser I dansk, matematik, natur/teknologi, støttelærer I DA og dansk som fremmedsprog i engelskafdelingen. Andrea er uddannet husholdningslærer på Ankerhus Seminarium, dansklærer på Zahles Semninarium og natur/tekniklærer på Professionhøjskolen Absalon.

Barbara Maria Picca Piccon_edited.jpg

Barbara Picca Piccon-Siebner

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Barbara is the German teacher in the Danish department, aiming to make the exploration of another culture through its language an enjoyable experience. She employs creative methods such as singing, dancing, acting, and poetry to create a child-friendly learning environment for German language acquisition. In the initial years of their language journey, Barbara uses books, videos, and games as effective tools to familiarise children with the German language and its cultural nuances. As students progress to their 'udskoling' years, the focus shifts towards attaining a proficiency level in German that prepares them for success in the Danish 'afgangsprøve' exam at the end of year 9.

Camilla Møller_edited.jpg

Camilla Møller

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Camilla underviser i dansk, historie, natur & teknologi, matematik i den dansk afdeling, og Dansk som fremmedsprog i den internationale afdeling, advanced level, er støttelærer, og er også læsevejleder på skolen. I hendes timer er der morgen- eller gå-hjem-gymnastik, hvor vi er aktive udenfor, vi laver mange kreative ting i timerne, og laver vores egen rekordbog i klassen.

Caroline Elizabeth Rahbek_edited.jpg

Caroline Rahbek

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Caroline serves as the form tutor for English C and teaches both first and second language English to our secondary classes. She regards the opportunity to shape young minds as an honour and approaches this responsibility with utmost diligence. Her principal objective is to cultivate a lasting enthusiasm for learning that goes beyond the confines of the classroom. Caroline strives to nurture an environment where everyone feels secure, demonstrates respect, and appreciates the value of their ideas. Caroline adopts a teaching style encompassing facilitated discussions, questioning, small-group activities, and student-centred learning. Moreover, she integrates a cross-curricular approach, fostering a collaborative learning environment throughout the entire school.

Erik Hansen_edited.jpg

Erik Tom Hansen

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Erik is the caretaker of the school. He has 40 years of experience and can fix everything.

Erica Renneberg_edited.jpg

Erica Renneberg

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Erica is the Year 3 and 4 classroom teacher in the International Department. She teaches English, Math, and Science in her home room class, and supports the Year 1 and 2 class in English and Math. Having taught in Canada, England and Denmark, as well as being an expat herself, makes her attuned to the educational, social and cultural transitions that students face when moving to a new country. In her lessons, Erica engages and motivates her students through their own interests using developmentally appropriate resources and materials.

Itziar Ochoa De Alaiza_edited.jpg

Itziar Ochoa de Alaiza

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Itziar brings over a decade of teaching experience from renowned U.S. universities and international schools in Scandinavia. Her teaching philosophy places a strong emphasis on empathy and motivation, and she excels at introducing concepts through puzzles, games, and real-life applications, making maths both engaging and applicable. With a rich multilingual background and a breadth of global teaching experience, Itziar is keen to contribute to the multicultural environment at BIS.

Jonathan Bauer_edited.jpg

Jonathan David Bauer

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Jonathan was born and raised in New York, USA, and has lived in Seville, Spain, and various cities throughout Denmark. He is the school's art teacher, Cambridge coordinator and IGCSE exams officer. As a former graphic designer and exhibiting artist, Jonathan applies his knowledge and experience to his teaching.

Jonas Witte_edited.jpg

Jonas Sprenger Witte

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Jonas underviser i dansk, historie og idræt. Jonas har en Bachelorgrad i Æstetik & Kultur, og Filmvidenskab, fra Aarhus Universitet, og er uddannet som lærer fra Zahles Seminarium. Jonas har undervist i mere end 12 år, og har erfaring både fra den danske folkeskole, specialskoler og privatskoler.

Jeff Weber_edited.jpg

Jeffrey Scott Weber

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Jeff has been teaching at Bjørn’s since 2002 and is currently the English and Music teacher in the Danish department. Jeff’s students consistently receive the highest marks in the country in English. He also leads whole-school performances and assemblies. With 25 years of teaching experience combined with an illustrious career as a performer and conductor, Jeff comes with a unique perspective and approach to teaching that brings real-world issues into the language acquisition of his students.

Lea Rylander-Kjær_edited.jpg

Lea Rylander-Kjær

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Lea er skolens naturfagslærer i udskolingen i den danske afdeling og underviser i Biologi, geografi og fysik/kemi i DD og DE. Hun har desuden idræt i C-, D- og E-klasserne. Lea blev uddannet i 2015 på læreruddannelsen Metropol. Lea er linjefagsuddannet i Matematik 4.-10. klasse, Geografi, Fysik/kemi og Biologi (merit fra universitetet). Lea har læst matematik og biologi i 2 ½ år på Københavns Universitet inden læreruddannelsen.

Merete Brydensholt_edited.jpg

Merete Brydensholt

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Merete is the French and Danish teacher in the international department and serves as the learning support coordinator at BIS, focusing mainly on upper KS2, KS3, and KS4 classes. With a rich background that involves residing and working in Paris for several years, Merete brings over two decades of experience in teaching languages. She employs a communicative teaching approach, emphasising practical language usage. Additionally, Merete places great importance on the cultural aspect of language teaching.

Pia Drabowicz_edited.jpg

Pia Drabowicz

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[DA] Pia Drabowicz Har været ansat på BIS siden 1981. Skoleleder fra 1994. Uddannelse: -Instruktør/koreograf i polske folkedanse og folkesange fra Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej i Lublin, Polen. (1970-75) -Københavns Universitet, Teatervidenskab (1975-80) -Københavns Dag- og Aftenseminarium, Læreruddannelsen (1980 -84) -Danmarks Lærerhøjskole, Skolevejleder (1987 – 89) [EN] Pia has worked at BIS since 1981. Principal since 1994. Education: -Instructor/choreographer of Polish folkdances and folksongs (1970-75). -Copenhagen University, Theatre Literature, History and Criticism (1975-80) -KDAS (Teachers Training College), Teacher Education (1980-84) -Denmark's Teachers College, School Counselor (1987-89)

Sara Lindsay Knox_edited.jpg

Sara Lindsay Knox 

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Sara is an experienced educator with fifteen years of teaching in the United States, Brazil, and Denmark. She believes in the magic of language to connect individuals with their surroundings. Using a blended approach, she focuses on building a child's confidence in language through visuals, words, and both verbal and non-verbal communication. In her role as an English A teacher, Sara is dedicated to nurturing a love for reading, enhancing mathematical confidence and creativity, and structuring lessons that encourage questioning the world. She strives to create a predictable, safe environment for all students, fostering strong connections between children, their peers, and the school.

Thomas Dahl_edited.jpg

Thomas Dahl

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Thomas er klasselærer i Dansk E. Han underviser i matematik, (D&E) samfundsfag og Uddannelsesvejledning. Han har en særlig forkærlighed for at arbejde med programmering, 3-D design/print og diverse spil. Thomas er Souschef på skolen og har ved siden af sin undervisning en del administrative opgaver. Thomas har været ansat på skolen siden 2001.

Unni Ova Tolfsen_edited.jpg

Unni Ova Tolfsen

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Unni har arbejdet på Bjørn’s siden august 2022. Hun er matematiklærer i DA, DB og DC. Derudover underviser hun i billedkunst, musik og idræt i DA og i natur/teknologi i DB. Unni er uddannet matematik- og fransklærer fra Blaagaards Seminarium i 2000. Hun har undervisningserfaring fra den danske folkeskole, specialskoler og privatskoler. Her har hun undervisningserfaring med elever fra 1. klasse til 10. Klasse.

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